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Here's How You Can Get Involved



The Detroit  Magic Child Development organization offers youth/ adult volunteer and job opportunities through all seasons. Those looking forward to taking advantage of these opportunities may contact

Steven R. Dye II @ 313-285-0799.

Our Policy

DMCD parents are required to volunteer hours within DMCD's programming at least one program day during any 8 week program. Parents will be asked to attend PTA meetings to discuss community and or program based concerns. DMCD will keep a record of progression for all youth registered in the program to later discuss the development of the youth with their parents. Youth are required to bring report cards each quarter,therefore, DMCD may have reference to problem courses to later implement a different technique of study for youth. Youth must keep at least a 70 percent attendance rating or be subject to expulsion from the program. Parents must make themselves available for DMCD staff in case of emergency. 

We appreciate your support ! 

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